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Redeemer Partnership Class

We are offering an “Introduction to Redeemer Partnership” class.  Redeemer Partnership is the  process of committing to be a part of the team at Redeemer. As the team we work together to accomplish what God has called us to, both individually and corporately.  Committing yourself to a body of believers and working together to accomplish its goals and mission is rewarding and fulfilling. When we are truly working together as a team, on the same page, we see God do the miraculous in us and through us in our community. 

Childcare provided.

If you are planning on coming, please RSVP as soon as possible, and leave a comment with how many children you will be bringing. 

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Discussion about this event

Rachel Davis on 01/09/2017

Is this kind of like a membership class, or kind of like a “Come serve with us” class?  

Theresa Heinrich on 01/11/2017

We will have our 5 kiddos.

Matt Dykes on 01/12/2017

+3 kids…

Brandon Nickerson on 01/13/2017

4 kids

Jill Sasser on 01/13/2017

3 kids

Curt Pernice on 01/13/2017

I’m coming. No kids

Amy Tscharner on 01/13/2017

My kids who serve got emails… are they supposed to attend?

Morgan Boone on 01/15/2017

No Boone kids

Katie Boone on 01/15/2017

1 kid

Redeemer : on 01/17/2017

Rachel, this is a membership class, we hope to see you there!

Jennifer Barnett on 01/22/2017

3 kids

Mary Buchaklian on 01/22/2017

1 Kid

Joshua Park on 01/25/2017

1 kid

Nate Miller on 01/27/2017

1 kid

Amy Tscharner on 01/28/2017

So, the agreements have a lot of spouse info on them, but mine had to work and will catch the next class. Should I leave his info off my form, or have it on there but not have him sign?

Mike Gunnarson on 01/30/2017


Great question.  Why don’t you just fill out your info and let him fill out a separate one in April when he goes through the class.  We put the spouse info on the form for couples who were taking the class together.  Then they could just fill out one form together if they wanted.

January 28
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
820 H Street
Modesto CA 95354
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37 people
are coming
Nate Miller (2)

Joshua Park (2)

Linda Cheek (2)

Sandy Boone (2)

Karen Bowman (2)

Mary Buchaklian (2)

Laura Benavidez (1)

Madison Gish (1)


Katie Boone (2)

Morgan Boone (2)

Amy Tscharner (2)

Jill Sasser (2)

Brandon Nickerson (2)

Matt Dykes (1)

Brad Wungluck (1)

Jared oller (2)

Mike Gunnarson (2)


Eric Heinrich (2)

Elisha Torres (2)

Robert Cole (1)



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